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Vape Guide


Q). What is vaping?

  • Vaping is the act of inhaling vapour produced from an electronic nicotine delivery system. There is no combustion in vaping, and it may or may not contain nicotine or tobacco. There is reduced smell and yellowing, and no tar or ash in vaping.

Q). Is there a difference between e-cigarettes, vaping/vape, e hookah, or e shisha?

  • There is no difference between them. Vape is sometimes referred for the bulkier open system devices, which e cigarettes are sometimes referred for the sleeker cig-a-likes or closed system devices.

Q). Are vapes or e cigarettes different from heat-not-burn?

  • Vapes or e cigarettes and heat-not-burn devices are both part of the same category of electronic nicotine delivery systems (ENDS). Both are technological innovations, and involve inhaling vapour produced from an ENDS device. The minute difference is that vapes/e-cigarettes are referred to as products that contain nicotine, while heat-not-burn are referred to as products that contain both tobacco and nicotine.

Q). Are e-cigarettes/vaping safer than tobacco cigarettes?

  • These products are not risk free and contain nicotine which is highly addictive. Electronic nicotine products have been found by select credible organizations in UK such as Public Health England to be of comparatively lesser harm than combustible cigarettes. Vaping products are not an alternative to quitting, and are not sold or marketed as cessation or medical tool.

Q).Is there any danger of e-cigarette exploding?

  • Incidents of e-cigarette exploding typically occur with batteries of advance vape mods if the battery inserted is unbranded/local/damaged and if the battery is inserted wrongly with ‘+’ and ‘-‘ sides reversed.
  • Like with any electronic gadget, avoid charging for extended period of time after the device is fully charged, and use the charger that comes with the device.
  • Do not carry batteries not inserted in the device (but carried separately) in a pocket in contact with loose coins or keys. Use a sleeve to protect the poles if carrying loose batteries.
  • Always buy from a reputable source like Vape Stop which only sells authentic, branded and top quality batteries and products.

Q). Which vape product can I choose as a first?

  • Vape products are not for use by non-users of tobacco or nicotine. Products are for those adults who cannot quit or will not quit consuming tobacco or nicotine.
  • It may be a good option to start with a basic Vape Pen Kit with 12mg or 6mg e-liquid, or a closed Pod System with 20mg nicotine salt e-liquid. If one wants more vapour being produced, one can get a box mod with 3mg or 0mg e-liquid. We also have curated combos for recent switchers that come with a device and e-liquids.
  • The ultimate aim and the best solution is to neither smoke nor vape.

Q). Where do I store e-liquid?

  • Store in normal room temperature and a dry place, preferably not in too much light.

Q). How long will e-liquid last?

  • Depends on usage. A new vaper can finish 10ml e-liquid bottle in 3-4 days.

Q). What is the shelf life of e-liquids and e-cigarettes?

  • E-liquids: It depends. Please call +971 50 140 0728 to confirm for your brand of e-liquid. Typically, they are best before 2 years since date of manufacturing.
  • E-cigarette devices: There is no best before date as such. With proper care and maintenance, they may last you more than 3 years.

Q). How expensive will be vaping?

  • As compared to smoking cigarettes, vaping turns out to be significantly cheaper in countries such as US and UK, but that is because a pack of cigarettes is heavily taxed while e-cigarettes are not equally heavily taxed. In UAE, e cigarettes are also heavily taxed like cigarettes, and thus the cost of smoking and the cost of vaping is approximately the same.

Q). How long will the coil last?

  • Depends on the coil type and usage, but on an average they may last for 10-15 days.

Q). What does the medical field say about vaping?

  • Medical experts and professionals from UK, New Zealand, Canada, France etc. are comparatively more supportive of vaping as a harm reduction tool than countries like Thailand, India, Bangladesh etc. Vaping products are not risk free and contain nicotine which is highly addictive. Vaping products are not an alternative to quitting, and are not sold or marketed as cessation or medical tool.

Q). Is it safe to buy e-cigarettes from a local tobacco/shisha shop?

  • One should only buy authentic and original products in UAE from an establishment or platform that is permitted to trade in electronic cigarettes. For quality experience and safety concerns, please be aware of clone products. Vape Stop does not sell clone products of any kind.

Q). Can I carry vapes on flight?

  • Yes. However, given the lithium ion battery in devices, the airport authorities usually make it mandatory to carry e-cigarettes in hand-luggage only. E-liquids can be carried in checked-in luggage. If you have further questions please do not hesitate to call us at +971 50 140 0728

Q). Is it allowed to vape inside a restaurant or office?

  • As part of vaping etiquettes and public smoking rules, kindly vape only in areas where smoking is permitted by law.