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Vape Pens
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  1. eGo AIO | E-Cigarette Kit


    eGo AIO | E-Cigarette Kit
    As low as AED 70


    As low as AED 155
  3. K3 | E-Cigarette Kit


    K3 | E-Cigarette Kit
    As low as AED 120
  4. PS Innovator Device | E-Cigarette Kit

    Pod Salt

    PS Innovator Device | E-Cigarette Kit
    As low as AED 130
  5. Stick Prince | E-Cigarette Kit


    Stick Prince | E-Cigarette Kit
    As low as AED 190
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Let's Know Vape Pens Better

Vape or vaporiser pens are a popular choice of e cig among adult smokers. It is a pen-shaped e-cigarette starter kit which requires e-liquid to top it up. Vape pens are relatively easy to use. They tend to be sleek and easy to carry especially as compared to the bulkier box mods. Vape Pens can either be closed system or open system. An open system is where e liquids can be re filled in the pod repeatedly, whereas a closed system vape pen is wherein the pod is already pre filled and cannot be filled again. SMOK, Blu, Logic, Aspire, Joyetech etc. have some premium vapes pens.
For a vape pen to produce vapour, e-liquids are used. These products can easily be purchased from Vape Stop in UAE if you are an adult smoker, as we have stocked the best array for you to choose from. Moreover, our collection of vape pens is bound to amaze you in the UAE market.

Difference between Vape Pens and Cigarette-style Kits?

A cigarette-style kit or a cig-a-like looks similar in appearance to a traditional cigarette and requires cartomizer refills. A cartomizer refill is attached to the bottom of the battery of the e-cigarette. These refills are available in a vast range of flavours, including the likes of vanilla to menthol.
On the other hand, vape pens are slightly larger in size and usually have a transparent chamber into which e-liquid or e-juice is poured. Another interesting aspect about vape pens is that you can try different flavours of e-liquids and taste unique flavours with varying strengths if the vape pen is an open system. Both closed and open vape pen kits can be mouth-to-lung or direct-to-lung drags.

Shop Vape Pens in Dubai, Abu Dhabi etc. in UAE

Our range of vape pens starter kits is so wide that it is bound to impress you. We cater top-rated vape pen brands in stunning designs. They are sleek in shape and light-weight to carry, which makes vape pens in general very handy. To match with your eclectic tastes perfectly, vape pens on our vape shop come in classic as well as vivid types. So, wait no more and pick your authentic favourite vape pens from Vape Stop today and get it delivery in 24 hours with cash on delivery and full warranty!