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Vape Stop holds a vast variety of batteries for vaping devices so that you can be equipped perfectly for your device. It’s of utmost importance that your box mod device is working on an efficient battery. Our products range in reputed brands, thereby reliability on our batteries will never be an issue.

Types of Batteries

There are a variety of forms in which you can find a battery for a vaping device. The first kind of variety includes that for e-cigarette starter kits – it looks just like a traditional cigarette and is usually used by new vapers. This type of battery is already embedded in your device. The second type of batteries include the rechargeable 18650 batteries that one has to buy separately. They are most commonly needed for box mods or box mod kits.

One Stop Vape Shop

We strive to deliver vaping products which are efficient and will match with your personal preferences perfectly. From coils and e-liquids to vape pens and accessories, you will find everything here. Our range is backed by the best brands which have a reputation for producing excellent vaping products, time and again. Among the many brands we offer, Joyetech, JUUL, SMOK and Vaporesso are few to name. So, browse through our vast collection of vaping devices and other essentials today and equip yourself as per your needs.