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Heat Not Burn
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  1. IQOS 3 Multi Device | Heat Not Burn


    IQOS 3 Multi Device | Heat Not Burn
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Heat Not Burn Kits

Heat not burn brands such as IQOS and Glo do not have e liquid, but instead use tobacco sticks which are cut and packed differently from conventional cigarettes. The tobacco sticks are again heated to produce vapour unlike combustible cigarettes where the tobacco is burnt to produce smoke. These devices come in a variety of colours and models with varying battery capacities. These devices and tobacco heat sticks emit less smell, ash and tar as compared to consumption of combustible cigarettes. IQOS is not a risk free product and like all nicotine containing products it is very addictive in nature.

Are e cigarettes different from heat-not-burn?

Vapes or e cigarettes and heat-not-burn devices are both part of the same category of electronic nicotine delivery systems (ENDS). Both are technological innovations, and involve inhaling vapour produced from an ENDS device. The minute difference is that vapes/e-cigarettes are referred to as products that contain nicotine, while heat-not-burn are referred to as products that contain both tobacco and nicotine. So there are both similarities and differences. While a lot of vape brands include both big tobacco companies as well as boutique independent brands, heat-not-burn category is currently dominated by big tobacco brands.

Buy Heat Not Burn from Vape Stop Online UAE

You can buy 100% original and ESMA approved heat not burn devices and tobacco sticks in UAE from our vape shop online, and get delivery in 24 hours with cash on delivery, warranty, and free return. The two most popular types of heat not burn brands are IQOS, a brand by Phillip Morris which is increasingly getting popular in Dubai, Abu Dhabi etc. in UAE, and Glo, a brand by British American Tobacco. All products and company names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective holders. Use of them by Vape Stop does not imply any affiliation/association with or endorsement by them.