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Curated Combos
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  1. Refined Trendsetter Kit


    Refined Trendsetter Kit
    As low as AED 200
  2. Savvy Collector Kit


    Savvy Collector Kit
    As low as AED 160
  3. Progressive Adopter Kit


    Progressive Adopter Kit
    As low as AED 230
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Curated Combos

Vaping or use of e cigarettes or other smoke free products are an alternative for adult smokers who cannot or won’t quit smoking combustible cigarettes. We at Vape Stop have curated a limited variety of combinations for vapers to choose from. Since the product options available in the vape category can be overwhelming, we have curated combos with both the device and liquid that are easy to choose from. These combos can be for both beginner or experienced vapers. Recent Switcher, Classic Quitter, and Leading Adopter are for recent vapers, while Refiled Collector combo is for experienced vapers looking for more vapour production with a box mod device and freebase lower nicotine strength e juice. Browse through Vape Stop’s brilliant range and equip yourself with best top quality vape pens, vape pods, box mods, along with leading e liquid brands.