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Disposal & Plastic Policy

Disposal Policy

Vape Stop is committed to proper disposal of products as per applicable waste management rules and policy as issued by the UAE Government. In Dubai, the governing body is Dubai Municipality's Waste Management Department, as waste is to be managed as per the Technical guideline on waste collection and transportation services. We feel responsible and committed to these regulations. For all products purchased from us, you are eligible to return to us, and we will dispose it as required, thus ensuring used e-cigarettes do not reach landfills or areas where they are not supposed to.

Please ensure that e-cigarettes are not disposed as household waste. You can also contact your local authority for recycling and collection options for electronic products.

Plastic Policy

Any plastic that is capable of being recycled should ideally be recycled for reuse. Please return the used and unwanted products to us and we will send the products to the best of our capability to recycling plants. However, we understand that recycling of various plastics is currently not possible. They should be disposed in appropriate garbage compartments.

It is unfortunate that viable alternatives to recyclable and non-recyclable plastics are not commercially available in the category of e-cigarettes. We prefer working with and seek for brands that are sustainable and do not use plastics in their products or packaging, however we have struggled to find such brands. Vape Stop has done its own part by using minimal plastic in outer courier packaging used at the time of transportation, unless necessary. We also discourage and showcase a limited portfolio of disposable e-cigarettes in which the entire vape device (the battery portion and the e-liquid pods) works on a use-and-throw basis, and hence contributes to significant plastic waste and damage to the environment.