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JUUL Dubai & UAE E Cigarette

JUUL vape is an American brand that emerged as the market leader, and is now available in UAE for adults above 18 years. The brand aims to be a substitute for traditional combustible cigarettes. The Dubai and UAE range comprising of Starter Kit, Device Kit, and Pods in flavours of Virginia Tobacco, Classic Tobacco, Menthol, Mint etc. are available for purchase online at Vape Stop. These products have gained popularity in UAE areas like Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Ajman, Sharjah, Baniyas, Ras Al Khaimah, Fujairah, Al Dhaid, Al Ain, or Umm al-Quwain (UAQ). The device is known for its ease of use, pods replacement, and portability. The brand is available in multiple countries like USA, UK, Canada, Israel, Philippines, Indonesia etc. Altria, a big tobacco company, in America owns a minority stake in JUUL Labs USA.

Where to Buy JUUL Vape Dubai & UAE

JUUL has a proprietary nicotine salt e-liquid formulae in the pre filled pods, which are use and throw in nature and only compatible with the brand's device. This is a popular alternative for adult smokers in UAE, and is available for sale online on Vape Stop vape store after manual age verification at the time of check out. The pods with e juice come with a standardized 0.7ml pod cartridge with 1.8% nicotine strength by weight. The JUUL Starter Kit, JUUL Virginia Tobacco Pods,Mango Pods, Mint Pods, Classic Tobacco Pods and Menthol Pods are some of the top choices of vapers in Dubai and UAE. The device has no buttons or switches and has an in-built motion sensor to track battery life when tapped upon with finger from the side.

JUUL & Its Controversies

JUUL is a USA based brand created by its founders James Monsees and Adam Bowen in the year 2017, when their former company Pax Labs was renamed as JUUL Labs. The brand offers ease to use and carry vape pens which are sleek and elegant looking. This makes it easy for users to carry and use it discreetly. The term ‘stealth vaping’ is often used to describe a practice when a person is vaping without the notice of other people around him/her. Some people stealth vape in airplanes for example. However, this practice is particularly bad if vapers under the legal age of smoking develop this addictive habit of vaping, and stealth vape in school washrooms for example, which became a huge issue in USA in 2018 and 2019, and various mothers of such students formed ‘mom-groups’ and protested against JUUL for being the leading preferred vape brand among underage adults. The fact that JUUL was using social media for its branding purpose also backfired as the posts were suggestive of youngish people vaping and spearing to be ‘cool’. In the USA, all fruity flavours such as Mango, Crème, Fruity etc. are not banned, and only tobacco and mint flavours are permitted by law for the brand. While JUUL’s aim was to fight ‘big tobacco’ and make the world smoke free, however in the year 2018, the company Altria (basically Phillip Morris in USA), the biggest tobacco company, bought a 35% stake in JUUL for $12.8 Billion.

JUUL Device & Pods Flavors Online at Vape Stop

100% genuine vaporizer starter kit and other JUUL products including best JUUL flavors are available online in UAE on Vape Stop. An adult smoker can buy the Dubai & UAE collection that have JUUL pods, JUUL starter kit and device, and JUUL charger & Accessories at best price from Vape Stop in UAE online. They come with warranty, best price guarantee, free return, and cash on delivery on Vape Stop for online purchase. All products and company names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective holders. Use of them by Vape Stop does not imply any affiliation/association with or endorsement by them. Check out Hexa and RELX vape products on Vape Stop if you want to see more variety of other compelling brands.