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Box Mods
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  1. Exceed Grip | Box Mod Kit


    Exceed Grip | Box Mod Kit
    As low as AED 120
  2. K Lite | Box Mod Kit


    K Lite | Box Mod Kit
    As low as AED 139
  3. G Priv Baby | Box Mod Kit


    G Priv Baby | Box Mod Kit
    As low as AED 210
  4. eGo AIO Box | Box Mod Kit


    eGo AIO Box | Box Mod Kit
    As low as AED 105
  5. AL85 Mini Alien (RHA 85) | Box Mod Kit


    AL85 Mini Alien (RHA 85) | Box Mod Kit
    As low as AED 150
  6. AL85 | Box Mod


    AL85 | Box Mod
    As low as AED 230
  7. X Priv Baby | Box Mod Kit


    X Priv Baby | Box Mod Kit
    As low as AED 290
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Box Mods

What are Box Mods e cigs?
Box mods is a term for advance vaping devices that are bulkier in size, have more output wattage than vape pens or pod mods, produce more vapour than mouth-to-lung devices, and sometimes have scope for personalization in terms of output power and some box mod variations also have touch screen display. Since the drag in box mods is direct to lung and the coil resistance is usually sub ohm, i.e. less than 1-ohm resistance, the amount of vapour produced is generally even more than the amount seen in conventional shisha or hookah. Since more amount of e juice is being vaporized as a result of higher battery power and lower coil resistance, one must not use nicotine salt e-liquids as they have much higher nicotine levels than freebase e liquids of say 6mg or 3mg nicotine strength. If you are looking for an upgrade from the basic e-cigarettes like vape pens and cigarette-style ones, then Box Mods may be a fit for you.

Kinds of Box Mods in UAE

The box mod trend was started via more home-made approach where experienced vapers made adjustments to their devices to produce more vapour and reflect their own tastes. Vape box mod are generally of two kinds. One is the mechanical mods and the second are advanced personal vapes, while each of these two categories typically comes in two further types, i.e. the rectangular box mods and cylindrical mods.
The features of box mods are stunningly numerous. The high compatibility rate of this incredible vaping device is another added advantage to the users. You can almost attach any kind of tank to it without any hassles of installations. Box mods are available in an array of brilliant shades, sturdy designs and varied shapes to choose from. So, pick your favourites from Vape Stop before they go out-of-stock!

Buy Box Mods online at Vape Stop

To cater your vaping needs with utmost perfection, we have stocked authentic box mods which are available in the best vaping brands such as Joyetech , SMOK , and Aspire. So, whether you need box mods in complete kits or just mods, we have it all covered for you at vape shop. Buy a variety of options at Vape Stop with warranty, fast delivery in 24 hours, option of free return, and best price guarantee.