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About Hexa E Cigarette and Hexa Pods in UAE

Hexa e cigarette vape is a boutique European brand of vape pods type of e cigarettes, and the devices use the well known FEELM ceramic coil technology for efficient inhale draws, improved battery usage, and better flavour tastes. There is also magnetic charging for easy use. In UAE the brand has been ESMA registered for approved sales and is one of the early movers in the country. The brand is available across multiple store formats such as convenience stores, grocery stores, supermarkets etc in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Ajman, Sharjah, Al Ain etc. Hexa e cigarette is lightweight and the packaging is simple, and it is a closed system meaning the Hexa hybrid nicotine salt e liquid cartridges are pre filled.

Best Selling Hexa Vape Pod Flavors Buy Online

Hexa e liquid flavours contain hybrid nicotine salts, which enable a smoother inhale for adult vapers than the standard freebase e liquids if used in higher nicotine strengths. Because the strength of nicotine strengths is higher in this e cig and there is a faster nicotine absorption than in freebase e liquids, the feeling of vaping from nicotine salts is more similar to that of the nicotine effect witnessed during the consumption of a conventional combustible cigarette. Whereas a hybrid e juice formula consisting of 50% nicotine salts and 50% freebase nicotine, which offers a mild throat hit and satisfying taste. Some preferred choices for Hexa e cigarette are:
Hexa Starter Kit– The device contains FEELM ceramic pod technology for a smooth hit, with 350mAh battery. The starter e-cig pod kit also includes one 2ml pod liquid of tobacco flavour with 20mg nicotine strength.
V2 Tobacco Nic Salt Pods– The pack contains 2 individual cartridges of 20mg strength and 2ml in capacity. The flavour profile is complex with a tinge of smoky classic tobacco taste and subtle sweetness, with mild spicy undertone.
V2 Menthol Nic Salt Pods– The pack contains 2 individual cartridges of 20mg strength and 2ml in capacity. The feeling of a cool blast and frosty minty flavour is without doubt present.
V2 Blueberry Nic Salt Pods– The pack contains 2 individual cartridges of 20mg strength and 2ml in capacity. The taste of ripe and juicy berries is a very popular choice among adult users.

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