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Vaping Can Improve Public Health: New Zealand

Vaping Can Improve Public Health: New Zealand

Vaping Can Improve Public Health: New Zealand

It has been long overdue, but the populace and governments are slowly, yet steadily realising the potentially life-saving elements of Vaping. After the UK recently making their pro-vaping stance evident, New Zealand has joined the ranks.

The Government of the country has started urging people to kick their tobacco habits by switching to vaping.

In a statement, the Ministry of Health, “believes e-cigarettes have the potential to make a contribution to the Smoke-free 2025 goal and could disrupt the significant inequities that are present.” In lieu of the recent stance of the United Kingdom, New Zealand aims to make the country smoke-free under their Smokefree 2025 plan.

In their press release, the Ministry of Health stated, “The potential of e-cigarettes to help improve public health depends on the extent to which they can act as a route out of smoking for New Zealand’s 550,000 daily smokers, without providing a route into smoking for children and non-smokers.”

The Government paid heed to the fact that no non-smoker has been attracted toward vaping, and understood what differs between cigarettes and the e-liquids and deemed the former drastically more harmful.

The decision undertaken by New Zealand shows how the Government is trying to give importance to Public Health and is highly life-affirming.