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New York City Judge Vaping in the Courtroom

New York City Judge Vaping in the Courtroom

New York City Judge Vaping in the Courtroom

The judge, Justice Vincent Del Giudice’s nicotine habit is well-known amongst the legal circle. He is known to have been vaping throughout trials; subtly holding the device while resting the hand on his chin, with A blue light emitting from the bottom of his hand in court this week.

When a reporter confronted the judge, Del Giudice, after court proceedings, the judge declined to comment.

An unnamed court worker said that “people know about it”

Del Giudice is currently presiding over the trial of Daniel St. Hubert, the Brooklyn Ripper, who is accused of murdering six-year-old Prince Joshua Avitto and injuring seven-year-old Mikayla Capers in a 2014 knife attack. The judge’s vape use is a direct violation of the city’s current laws regarding vapor products.

An attorney quipped: “The only reason I never became a judge is because I can’t smoke my cigars on the bench.”

While you can’t smoke cigars on the bench, it’s clear that vaping is not as harmful in the eyes of the people as well, thanks to the surveys and research proving that vaping is well-equipped to disarm smoking hands.

The Office of Court Administration has not issued a statement regarding this instance as New York laws do not allow vaping in closed public space; maybe it’s time for a change.