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Marlboro Tries to Quit Smoking

Marlboro Tries to Quit Smoking

Marlboro Tries to Quit Smoking

“We’ve built the world’s most successful cigarette company, with the world’s most popular and iconic brands,” Philip Morris website said.

“We will be far more than a leading cigarette company. We’re building PMI’s future on smoke-free products that are a much better choice than cigarette smoking. Indeed, our vision – for all of us at PMI – is that these products will one day replace cigarettes,” the manufacturers stated.

This news comes after their advertisement campaign in major newspapers in the UK, which read, “We’re trying to give up cigarettes.”

The campaign also read,"No cigarette company has done anything like this before. You might wonder if we really mean it.”

In their feat to try and stop people from smoking, Philip Morris International has also launched a website, which encourages its users to kick their tobacco habit.

The tobacco major announced in October that it will fund proposals under its $100 million initiative to support third-party projects dedicated to the fight against illegal trade.

They have also established its PMI Impact Initiative to support the fighting of illegal trade related crimes, such as corruption, money laundering and organised crime.

The company stated that various private, public or non-governmental organisations were invited to submit applications to avail the funding under the second round of PMI Impact.

PMI has pledged $100 million across three funding rounds of PMI Impact.

In its first round, 32 projects were already selected from over 200 proposals.