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Every society is governed by some unspoken rules that all must follow. Here are some of the essential etiquettes that all follow in the vaping community in order to be a socially responsible vaper.

So it seems that you’ve got your device and your personal favourite juice all set up. The battery is charged and you are good to go, wherever you want. Since it’s not a cigarette, you can use it anywhere right? Not so much.

There are unspoken rules when one behaves in public, despite there being different rules in different countries regarding legalisation and regulation, there are some unspoken rules that must be followed.

Here are the suggested locations, where it is advisable to vape:

• With Children or Pets around, it is not advised to vape. The key here is to set a good example. Moreover, your pet can be allergic to the vapour.
• Non Smokers: Typically, most non-smokers wouldn’t mind vapers around them, but it is advisable to not vape with non-smokers around, especially pregnant or breastfeeding women.
• Under no circumstances should an adult smoker pass on or share the vaping device with a person who is below the legal age of smoking. Both underage smoking and vaping is an offence.

In conclusion, all it mainly boils down to, is whether those around you are comfortable with you vaping, given that you are vaping in a place where it is permitted. The best way to make sure that they are is to simply ask! If they mind, then respect their wishes, and if they don’t, then responsibly vape!